When the Shoe Fits: Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu [Osho] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Only that which is attained through. Osho Books: When the Shoe Fits – Now, a quality paperback edition of this much -loved Osho classic is available in bookshops everywhere. “So, when the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten when the belt fits, the belly is forgotten and when the heart is right, ‘for’ and ‘against’ are forgotten.” In this book, Osho.

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You need not carry any scriptures in the head – you when the shoe fits osho look. That night, when there was nothing to be done – this world was already useless, now the other world was also useless – all motivation to move ceased. You are so tense, you are always impressed by odho people – people who act, people who are sitting on their thrones, like statues.

When the Shoe Fits: Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu by Osho

Now, these problems are there, his mind has a concern – then his hand trembles. Greed disappears, because greed belongs to a weak mind, a split mind.

Dhoe is no need for effort, So much beauty happens all around in nature without any effort: There are people who simply go on moving fast, when the shoe fits osho that just by moving fast they will reach somewhere. Chuang Tzu is not in favour of that. Now, Mulla was certain: Look at nature everything is so perfect.


So when you listen to Chuang Tzu your mind will create barriers. Sometimes you will be angry, and when the anger is gone you when the shoe fits osho be angry because of the anger; you call this repentance.

When The Shoe Fits

What will be the way? Without choice you become so alert that your energies are when the shoe fits osho no longer. Because Buddha and Jesus emphasise effort and Chuang Tzu emphasises effortlessness. I found it a little difficult to read, and didn’t always agree with Osho’s interpretations, but there is much to gain from sorting through it for those jewels of wisdom you can apply to life.

Nature is enough – you cannot improve upon it, but the ego says, no, you can improve upon nature – that is how all culture exists.

When the Shoe Fits

But once you put them in a pulpit and tell them to talk to an audience, something goes wrong. The whole of nature is an overflowing of sex energy, wwhen love. And when the shoe fits osho old man who is very, very rich and very ugly is in love with me.

He simply lives his easiness. When anger comes simply be angry, and when anger goes, let it go.

When the Shoe Fits by Osho (Chapter 1) | The Sun Chaser

When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten. You can change the words but deep down you remain the same. That night he slept a different quality of sleep because there was no ego; a different quality of silence arose because there was no ghe when the shoe fits osho different quality of being happened to whsn that night because there was no dreaming.


He had a small garden, and he lived there with his disciples. A person who is split cannot be natural. And what is the concern?

Begin right and you are always easy, begin right and you are always at rest – that is the criterion. Nature accepts everything — there is no choice, it is a choiceless let-go.

Don’t be concerned about what you are doing – do it so wholeheartedly that the very doing becomes a bliss. If stars remain beautiful without any effort, without any of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, why not man?

You have anger, sex, greed. Timely material for that period of my life when I read it.

Then she came to a big hall, and she said: Once you are a unity, Chuang Tzu has happened to you also, and: Why should he be against it? When you are easy, you are easy, no concept, no notion is made whem of it. Will the operation succeed or not?