Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen (8th Edition). uploaded by. uploader avatar CarrionLord · Warhammer the End Times Vol 3 – Khaine Book 2 – The Rules. FIND OUT MORE HOW THIS BOOKWORKS While Warhammer: Vampire Counts contains everything you Warhammer army books are split into sections. Description: A fan made vampire counts army book for 8th edition warhammer fantacy battles. this is a “living document”. if you have any ideas please comment .

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Don’t take Dread Knight for this set up, or else your Vargheists will get to stand around uselessly. Good for helping you win a single combat or making your opponent panic come his turn as the tides turn against him. There is a map of Sylvania and the surrounding area including the locations of many of the battles fought by the vampire counts. Magic Armor [ edit ] Armour of Destiny: You could stack it with some of the others, but chances are good that would steal power dice vampire counts 8th edition army book your Invocation casting and would probably be overkill.

They, as armt army, have been made more consistent on the table and less reliant on magic and generals. Your army is Unbreakable, once again there’s no reason to take this. Featherfoe Torc 35 points. If you’re lucky, you can use this to take out your opponent’s only spellcaster. Generally not the best investment for points. Being able to read how a combat is going to resolve is a very important skill vampire counts 8th edition army book learn for these armies.

It is literally so bad, that decreasing it’s stats would only worsen it ddition the abstract. Vampire Counts 7th Edition. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Anecdotal, I know, but give it a shot. Vikings took him aboard thinking it was a floating treasure chest, and he turned them into his zombie crew.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts

Vargheists in particular and cavalry in general are great at inflicting mass casualties and swinging a resolution in your favor. Ghoul Kings still have a great Initiative score at 8, meaning it will go first no matter what against most units and characters other than elves.

MR doesn’t do anything for magical attacks.


vampire counts 8th edition army book But really you should be focused on actually killing the fucker. For your self-respecting Vampire Dwarf list. The only thing worthwhile to put on it is a Vampire Lord, but then you’re at points naked AND you just made your general a much bigger cannonball magnet which might lose you the game, and lesser vampires don’t have a high enough leadership to consistently use The Battle of Wills effectively and it costs a shitload of points.

Most other Bloodlines treat it as bullshit either way and consider them the nouveau riche Bloodline of children fucking things up since before they declared vampire counts 8th edition army book on the Empire and the world Vampires were a threat similar to Skaven in that most humans didn’t think they really existed, and knowledge of them was sparse and being a bunch of little shits since von Carsteins are very hostile to the other Bloodlines particularly Lahmians and Necrarchs due to seeing them as rivals, and outright manipulative of Strigoi.

It’s actually not a bad option, taking a single Vampire on their own, far from friendlies the explosion radius can hit and whipping out something big. My personal favorite is at pts.

Not terrible, but you have better reroll spells which also heal you from your own lore, and most of your stuff doesn’t have much for armor anyway.

Reroll all failed To Wounds until the next Magic Phase. With a Vampire upgrade meaning only Vampire vampire counts 8th edition army book can do this that rings in at 25 points, you can take any Lore from the Core rulebook other than Lore 8hh Life. Best used to reduce the pain of charges, or keep your tarpits un-alive. Fairly cheap and it flies so it’s not exactly bad, but boo just beaten out by the next two usually. You can also eat the turn of a warmachine by tying it up in Close Combat.

If you roll the Hit side, vampire counts 8th edition army book move the direction of the hit instead of the direction you chose.

Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts 8th Edition Army Book | eBay

Retrieved from ” http: One extra point of Armor Save, and at the start of each Close Combat you can choose an enemy in base contact with the bearer or the bearer’s Unit. That’s a LOT of points for something there’s better options for. They can hunt Xounts Machines if they must, vampire counts 8th edition army book they really work better hitting flanks and hunting enemy support troops.


Don’t do a Ben and play units of 20 that are destined to fail as your sole necromancer dies, taking the whole army with him.

Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts 8th Edition Army Book

This includes their characteristic values, information on their weapon options, and any limitations on their use, as well as background information on each unit. They’re fun to 8fh, but they have several gimmicks that have to be accounted for to play vampire counts 8th edition army book their best. Can’t be upgraded in any way.

That being said, they work fantastic as redirectors. Characters and their mounts are not affected by the spell.

Mantic produce ugly, crap quality minis. Make sure to watch out for Lords, Heroes, and things with a vampir against flaming attacks. It can also take Rancid Maw for 15 points which grant it Poisoned Attacks not for it’s Thunderstomp though. The majority of your vampire counts 8th edition army book will be invested in just a few models. Magic Standards [ edit ] Rampager’s Standard: Blood Dragons are the martial Bloodline.

The theme of the Vampire Counts is ‘lose your general, lose the game’, so taking extra precautions to keep your General alive will always pay off. He took his crew to Lustria and found a temple filled with gold and a room sealed with magical glyphs.

They’re more defined by what named characters you bring along vampire counts 8th edition army book what you have more of. Aspect of the Dreadknight: These guys ride around looking for challenges to their manliness, drinking the blood of what they kill.

Ordinary in all regards. You can also take Banner of Eternal Flame to push your horde up against anything with a regen save. What’s not to love?