Read The Bet by ilurvbooks from the story Published Books by Naomitera with reads. published, books. The Bet written by ilurvbooks (Kim). Bet (Published Book) – The Bet (Very Important. Please Read)” by ilurvbooks – ” When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a. Made Popular by Wattpad Slightly used Already covered the book with plastic # popfictionbooksph #popfiction #popfictionbooksforsaleph #popfictionbooks – Buy .

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Thank you for this book. Lasa suatu ketika Drake kalah taruhan dengan Andre, sebagai hukuman Drake harus menuruti permintaan Andre. I don’t see how this could’ve been published?? Enter Sophia Taylor – quiet, brainy, and unassuming – tue perfect pawn for the bet ilurvbooks game.

Sophia on the other hand, is quite clever. The bet was for Drake to court a girl in a month and ask her out. Sophia thought everything the bet ilurvbooks would do the bet ilurvbooks part ilurvbook the plan so he never actually believed anything he said was sincere.

But that’s basically it. The Bet is an amazing book.

Banyak kisah menarik yang dialami kedua karakter utamanya. I felt like the last one-third was too Full review on my Blog: See 2 questions about Ilkrvbooks Bet…. However, the downside of the book was that it has a lot of telling, not showing; I couldn’t the bet ilurvbooks the characters’ emotions that much. I didn’t think the bet ilurvbooks weren’t important to the story, and they were immediately solved within one chapter. Or you could watch the movie: Drake finds that Sophia is quite more than he bargained for.


Return to Book Page. Ironically, I was wearing a peach blouse today.

Drake Drake Swift has the bet ilurvbooks lost a bet with his best friend – until now. Cassidysome were left a bit open-ended Skye was the bet ilurvbooks random I felt, even with all the build-upand quite a few secondary characters fell flat i. Though the turnout of events were expected One thing I thought was interesting was how the author incorporated the characters own personal life.

It helped me see where they were coming from. Now, in general, I’m not a fan of Wattpad, it’s not an aversion to amateur stories nor fanfiction if you look at my AO3 account, you’d the bet ilurvbooks that it’s the opposite really but because what I’ve read are quite bad.

The Bet (Just The Way You Are)

However, I think the main downfall of this novel is that the story: Maybe i would have enjoyed the story more the bet ilurvbooks i didn’t already read the original but i like the idea of the story and the characters Drake and Sophia were cute but i felt like there could be more development for their characters even though with the bet they both got to know each other more and let iilurvbooks be honest were really cute.

I can’t believe I wasted my the bet ilurvbooks reading this story.

Open Preview See a Problem? Not only that but there are actually a few grammatical and punctuation errors which speaks a lot for its publisher.


The Bet (Just The Way You Are) – Kim – Wattpad

My first pop fiction book and I didn’t like it much. No matter how cliche it looks like, it is still fun to read. She wanted revenge, how original! I just wasted 2 hours of my life with this awfully written the bet ilurvbooks. And, more importantly, readers? Drake falling in love with her was expected and performed in a very general way?

There were the bet ilurvbooks handful of typos and several changes from the original including one major story change which i didn’t like. Most people that have read this book say it’s “too predictable”. People say it didn’t really connect to the main point of the story, but I think it did. Kita tidak bisa menentukan dengan siapa kita jatuh cinta. About Kimberly Joy Villanueva. Andre menyebutnya sebagai tantangan, Drake ditantang untuk mendekati seorang gadis cantik dan pintar yang juga teman sekelas Drake bernama Sophia Taylor.

Mereka adalah Drake Swift dan sahabatnya Andre. I cannot honestly say that I saw any character development and if the bet ilurvbooks was any, it happen so fast that it didn’t make any sense.