Description. • Cooking appliance for automatically cooking (Automatic mode) meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products . Information for the professional kitchen. The RATIONAL Newsletter. Latest information about your combi-steamer or your VarioCookingCenter®; Exclusive. 10 x 1/1 GN grid capacity • iCookingControl with 7 applications • HiDensityControl® for highest food quality • CareControl cleans and descales • 3 phase •

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An additional external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is not required for this air re-circulation hood. The CombiGrill griddle is extremely strong and durable. The external measurements of the oven are mm h x mm w x mm d ; the net weight is kilos and the packed weight for shipping is kilos. Intelligent cooking control simply means you select the results you wish, load the oven and job done! The CombiGrill griddle gives you a perfect grilling pattern on pan fried food, fish and vegetables.

Cubic Meter [m 3 ]: It is used for loading and unloading outside the Rational appliance and for safely moving food. The grill and tandoori skewers have a remarkable number of possible uses. Easy to clean and suitable for baking all types of pre-baked products.

One more step

For problem-free preparation of whole lamb rqtional suckling pig. This is the only way to produce special applications with success such as preparing pre-fried products, grilling chicken and duck, cooking whole lambs and suckling pigs.

The ergonomic design allows them to be quickly loaded and unloaded. ILevelControl monitors each rack individually and notifies you when a particular rack needs to be loaded or unloaded at the end of cooking. For your convenience we have provided a unit conversion table.


Its excellent ratilnal conductivity will give you optimal browning and crispiness every time. Cubic Centimeter [cm 3 ]: You can use the roasting and baking pan to prepare almost any classic pan dish, such as hash browns, tortilla espanola, quiche, pancakes or even small desserts, such as tarte Tatin.

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There are many reasons why to choose us, we have listed a few of the more rationsl reasons below:. The Rational units are built with oven racks however, they are not supplied with grids as standard. It can prepare completely different dishes on each of the 10 racks at the same time; each rack is monitored individually. Of course you can also operate the SelfCookingCenter manually.

The corners of the containers are fully contoured so that no portions of cakes or baked dishes are lost. To provide secure support for your combination oven, stands and base cabinets are available, made from high-grade stainless steel.

Rational SCCWE101E Combi Oven

The ribs are arranged vertically on the ribs rack, which means they can be gently pre-cooked to perfection, even overnight while fully utilising the available capacity.

Simply place the food to be ratiohal onto the GriddleGrid, and then load everything at once. I’d like help with A Quote Leasing Something else. Easy to clean and is suitable for baking all types of pre-baked products.

I want to shop by Category Brand. Rational VarioSmoker – No thanks Rational Thermocover For Model – Add to Product Added. No questions have been submitted rrational. Rational 12 Chicken Chicken Superspike only in conjunction with hanging rack for grilling or mobile oven rack for grilling – The grate is extremely strong and durable.


The L-rails have a front edge to stop the baking trays sliding off. The grease drip container is easy and safe to drain using the lockable ball valve. An added benefit, it enables easy access to cleaning underneath or behind the unit. Order by 3pm for Working Days Free Delivery. The bakery standard hanging racks and mobile oven racks are equipped with L-shaped racks. Just build your basket, enter the amount of finance required and see just how little you can pay.


The muffin and timbale mold is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties, ideal for delicate desserts and is extremely robust and easy to clean. Its excellent heat conductivity ensures that the entire bottom will brown uniformly within just a few minutes.

The upper rack is used to hold the stainless steel grid included in the kitfrom which food can be hung easily for cooking. This unit, the SCCE, will produce foods and finished rationa of a consistently high quality, with a total capacity of between 80 and meals per day. The appliance is always hygienically clean and well maintained.