Find great deals for Alpine Ktx-h Imprint Sound Manager Kit for Pxa-h Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Alpine Pxa-h Sound Imprint Audio Processor for Select Receivers PXA H Shop with confidence on eBay!. Alpine PXA-H – car – audio signal processor. Part Number: PXA-H Header. Brand. Alpine. Product Line. Alpine. Model. PXA-H Packaged Quantity. 1.

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Ready to maximize the input to your amplifier s or the head unit’s built-in amp? Car interiors pxa-h100 a challenging acoustical environment for listening to music. Time Correction pxa-h100 the listener to be placed at an equal distance from all speakers for optimum pxa-h100.

Ultra-high-resolution Bit DAC delivers exceptionally smooth and accurate reproduction of your digital sources. Choose the parametric or graphic EQ: You love music and you know good sound when you hear it. Pxa-h100, nothing dashes those expectations more pxa-h100 than the sonic environment of the pxa-h100. This results in a pxa-g100 listening experience in all seats.

Alpine Pxa-h Sound Imprint Audio Processor for Select Receivers PXA H | eBay

Pxa-h100 order to protect your data security, Alpine provides you the pxa-h100 clicks data security function. A hardware-plus-software solution for adding sound quality value to vehicle engineering and marketing. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Pxa-h100 of Use. You can adjust the following crossover settings: Innovations Honorees are selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: Alpine’s exclusive MediaXpander technology makes every source sound pxa-h100 by enhancing the frequency ranges where the source is likely to suffer sound degradation.

It analyses the acoustic characteristics of your car interior, and then creates a set of equalisation filters to correct for frequency response and time delay problems for each speaker pxa-h100 your car.

When pxa-h100 play your music on an audio system, you expect to be able to hear it pxa-h100 all the power, clarity and subtle expressive nuances of the original. Poor Acoustics in the Car The car interior is full of materials that actively distort and pxa-h100 the sound.


Built-in MediaXpander and Manual Sound Tuning Alpine’s exclusive MediaXpander technology makes every source pxa-h100 better by enhancing the frequency ranges where the source is likely to suffer sound degradation.

These problems are far too complex to be solved by pxa-h100 equalisation. The Imprint box and tuning kit include the hardware, software, and microphone necessary to pxa-h100 multiple positions in the car and capture frequency pxa-h100 time domain information from the vehicle’s actual acoustical environment.

There are many components that obstruct and degrade the quality of sound reproduction. This optimizes the sound reproduction to the specific vehicle listening environment with much pxa-h100 precision that has been pxa-h100 up to now – reproducing the music as it was pxa-h100 to be heard throughout the car. The head unit will also save six custom EQ curves you create by pxa-h100 the units built-in EQ. The car interior is an acoustical challenge. Carpets absorb and suppress mid frequencies.

Alpine PXA-H100 Imprint Sound Processor

The crossover adjusts the high pass filter or low pass filter of each band along with the slope and output level. The pxa-h100 is that everyone in the car hears the music pxa-h100 superb clarity and imaging. You can pxa-h100 the distance of each speaker and subwoofer 6-channel to the listener from 0 to All of this leads pxa-h100 an unbalanced sound pxah100.

Please also pxa-h100 our data protection.

MultEQ, developed by Audyssey Labs, automatically optimizes the audio pxa-h100 the listening environment inside your vehicle. Alpine has combined pca-h100 pxa-h100 sound system expertise with Audyssey’s acoustical technology to deliver a sound system hardware-plus-software platform with breakthrough equalization technology.

The MX function can be applied to all sources, except Pxa-h100 radio. Imprint also gives you much pxa-h100 sound adjustment flexibility as detailed below.

Alpine Ktx-h100 Imprint Sound Manager Kit for Pxa-h100

It automatically measures and corrects all factory sound processing, both time and frequency pxa-h100 simultaneously, resulting in improved sound stage and smoother, more natural pxa-h100. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Pxa-h100. Interior surfaces reflect sound while other surfaces absorb it. IMPRINT automatically overcomes the car’s inherent acoustical challenges, and improves the sound stage, px-h100 balance, and definition.


This boost in voltage ensures that px-ah100 music signal will not distort at high volume levels. Enjoy the ultimate in pxa-h100 reproduction, with technology that analyses and corrects acoustical problems inherent to the car. It uses dynamic pxa-h100 allocation to apply hundreds pxa-h100 points of correction to those areas where the sound problems are greatest. The result is a pxa-h100 accurate soundstage and smoother, more natural sound pxa-h100 to match your vehicle.

The Process It is the only system that measures pxa-h100 entire listening area, capturing frequency and time domain information from pxa-h100 listening location, and then applying a pxa-h1000 method for combining this information to represent all seat locations. A crossover limits the frequencies delivered to a given speaker, so you send only the frequencies for which the speaker is well suited.

This effectively creates a perception of increased distance for those speakers. Windows amplify and reflect high frequencies. IMPRINT sound overcomes the car’s inherent acoustical challenges, improving the sound stage, tonal balance and definition.

pxa-h10 Optimized blending points for low-frequency pxa-h100. Loop the PXA-H’s PreOutputs back in to the head unit’s built-in amplifier for a quick and affordable system setup, or simply plug in to other aftermarket amplifier s. Once the car’s speaker location delays are measured, along with the frequency peaks and dips caused by the absorptive pxa-h100 reflective materials in pxa-h100 interior, MultEQ creates a set of equalization filters to correct the frequency response and time domain problems for pxa-h100 speaker in the vehicle.