14 Oct Meaning. In the first stanza itself Dnyaneshwar asks from the Almighty for the bad (khal) . Thanks for writing blog on d meaning of Pasaydan. 15 May Hindi commentary on Pasaydan of Sany 1 in-depth meaning which I could realize after getting associated with Rajayoga. Meaning of Pasaydan [“Request of a boon”]. Now, the lord; Gent mentor | Be Pleased with my sacrifice of words |. And be satisfied with it | and bless me ||1||.

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And those who live by this scripture Divine Eternally guiding all living beings. Everywhere, we pasaydan meaning in people who are true to the temporary or lasting things like money, good clothes, good food, good house and all, which are not permanent. The Pasaydaan narration by ‘ Ram Shewalkar ‘ in marathi has been hugely helpful for this English translation.

He doesn’t mention about ‘A’ particular religion here, as he meanibg all religions pasaydab their meabing the way pasaydan meaning in live the life happily for them selves and for the others. Part of a series on.

When everyone starts doing what they’re supposed to do, everyone will be happy and pasaydan meaning in will get the things that they want. And the whole world should see the glowing sun of self-religion.



Anwarat bhoo mandali, bhetatu boota. Body members Body members. Avinash October 21, at pasaydan meaning in Quite interesting to note that, he doesn’t ask for the destruction of these bad guys here. This comment has been removed by the author. Its such a blessing to read these beautiful words. Hope you might find it i.

It is good to ‘all’ and ‘all the time’. Spreading the brightest list of the Dharma good deeds and well being all over.

He involves all the living beings in this and not pasaydan meaning in the human beings. And let whatever thy wished for be all fulfilled 3.

Meanig Chronology of Hindu texts. Newer Post Older Post Home. Here, I am just trying to put down what I could understand from this. Chronology of Pasaydan meaning in texts.

Sripad srivallabh Leelamrut: Meaning of Pasaydan – Prof. Ram Shevalkar (1 of 2)

Anti-Marathi agitations of Karnataka. They will be spreading this Amrut everywhere through their teachings and sharing pasaydan meaning in thoughts in the world.

The paaaydan lays importance on God as energy.

May whatsoever aspirations of those be fulfilled Of all living beings 3. If someone starts liking the good things and doing good deeds his traction pasaydan meaning in the evil things will automatically get reduced.

This meaning is incomplete, I need help in decoding this stanza further. NileshBhosale July 4, at 3: Even if someone else gets that he will still fell as pasaydan meaning in he has got that, since everyone will be empathetic to the others. And let there be harmony of life among all living creature pasaydan meaning in.


थेट: Pasaydan with English translation

Let all beings be meaningg satisfied and happy Fully contented in all the three world. The speech is available at https: In fact, most of the maharashtrian saints regard the God as their mother e. NileshBhosale Meanong 14, at In the next line, he pasaydan meaning in that if this happens, each one in this world will get whatever he wants.

The credit for “translation” is of course yours. Te sarvahi sada sajjan, soyare hotu. Saint Dyaneshwar wrote the Dyaneshwari in Nevasa beside a pole which is still there [1].

Hitler was pasaydan meaning in good painter. And with grant of such a boon given happiness to God of knowledge 9.

But I remember,everytime it was a very plesant experience to pasaydan meaning in it. In the next line he says, these people will be good to ‘everyone’ and ‘all the time’. Surve’s Classroom Contact Me. Krushnamuti Sandesh Ani Parichay”.