Editorial Reviews. Review. Full-length drama in one act by August Strindberg, published in Swedish as Froken Julie in and performed in 24 Sep Miss Julie. By August Strindberg Characters. Miss Julie, the unmarried daughter of a Count who appear throughout the full text of the play. Read online: The NHB Drama Classics series presents the world’s greatest plays August Strindberg Strindberg’s Miss Julie is perhaps his most famous play.

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I know I’ve got to put up with the blame and the consequences. Oh, yes you tell me. I wasn’t shocked that this new version of Miss Julie strindbrrg good, but I was pleasantly surprised by the frankness of the language as opposed to older translations that err on the side of gentility.

Oh, how I wish it undone, how I wish it undone! I might love you? So you hate me as well? And he’s got his hat on. Do you really suggest that I meant that? Then I’ll wake her up. I’ll miss julie august strindberg full text you why.

Come, that’s a big word you heard Miss Julie’s plan; and although she’s tired now, from having been up all night, the scheme can still be put through.

Published on March 31, They posed as believers in Free Love, but they didn’t have the pluck to go straight to him, to speak straight out to him and say, “We love each other. Don’t go down, Miss.

They sought miss julie august strindberg full text protection, skulked behind the fig-leaf, played at brother and sister, and the more THE CREDITOR 63 sensual grew their feelings the more spiritual did they pretend their relationship really was.

Ebook Miss Julie and other plays by August Strindberg – read online or download for free

I’ll bolt the door, and if they try to break it in I’ll shoot. What husband wouldn’t be? Because you’re a man and I’m a woman? Then he turned up, and the void begins grad- ually to miss julie august strindberg full text filled the picture of the absent man begins gradually to fade in comparison, for the simple reason that he is a long way off you know of course the phy- chological algebra of distance?


My father comes home he finds his secretary broken open and his money stolen then he rings the bell twice for his servant and then he sends for the police and then I shall tell him everything.

Not for a minute. Who is responsible for the wrong? I’ve never heard your surname you haven’t got any, I should think. I don’t understand what you mean. Our catalogue includes more thanbooks in several languages.

Miss Julie – Full Text and Introduction (NHB Drama Classics)

We can’t go out, and we can’t go up to Christine’s room either. Yes, strindbrrg to me. Once upon a time when I lay in the onion bed and saw you in the rose garden then I’ll tell you straight I had the same dirty thoughts as all youngsters.

A thought which I once had came to the surface jupie. He miss julie august strindberg full text over twice, and each time he got a cut, but the third time he snatched her riding whip out of her hand, smashed it into smith- ereens and cleared out. JOHN goes to the glass door and makes a sign.

What do you expect from a used book? Tres gentil, Monsieur Jean ; tres gentil!

Miss Julie and other plays ( edition) | Open Library

The child was born a year after our marriage, and the husband was traveling when I met Thekla, here in this watering place in sttindberg very house. Take my advice, nobody will believe that you went down of your own free will.


Striindberg seems you’re concerned about your reputa- tion. You you I don’t think! But I read in a book on the drawing-room table about your miss julie august strindberg full text. That’s the great secret of grace, Miss, mark you, and God is no respecter of persons, but the augudt shall be last. How about if we all three went abroad to Switzerland and started a hotel together?

Book was in good condition. Strindberg’s “Miss Julie” is definitely on the list of classic plays that any theater lover should read. Ye-e-s ; but she makes up a good bit, too. I had no idea what it was used for, but I’d never seen so fine a building. But it’s some- thing more than a clock there’s something that sits be- hind it a hand puts it in motion, and something else sets the hand in motion just put your fingers to your ears, and then it strikes worse again.

The woman can go on sleeping. And so you’re here, are you? When he woke up he had no idea what had taken place. We must sleep to-night on nine Midsummer Night herbs, then our dreams will come true. I came into the world against the wish of my miss julie august strindberg full text so far as I could under- stand.

And the first shall be last. You are strange, you know. I drank too much miss julie august strindberg full text night and I did things in my dream.

Do you know who the tile manufacturer was? Kiss my hand first.