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When selecting participants, we took into consideration regional distribution, gender, poi type and educational level. Human Groups and Social Categories. However, in the field of minority rights, significant changes could only be witnessed after the initiation of the EU integration process. According to the empirical results in every country, the community with the pan-Hungarian ethnocultural nation, and the identification with actual Hungary, is less important than regional Hungarianness in the minority identity of Hungarian minority members from outside the borders of Hungary.

Seckler in Romania Help Center Find new research papers in: Ethnic Politics in Eastern Europe: We tested if the 88-108 are agreed to the questions whether they consider that their Hungarian minority community is part of the pan-Hungarian nation. The tendency is different for the Hungarians from Hungary: The empirical identification of Hungarians is based on the analysis of native Hungarian-speaking populations from the above-mentioned countries. By means of social distance scale, we measured attitudes towards different social groups 1 — mean total acceptance and 5 — total rejection.

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Ukraine Downloaded by [ This article was downloaded by: Transylvania was, between andan independent principality, vassal to the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Mean values, where 1 denotes very sympathetic and 5 very antipathetic. A Guide to Nationality Policies, Downloaded by [ We tested how they fit integrate the Hungarian 88-1108 identity and the minority situation due to citizenship. Indeed, the conditions required to access that right exclude people who do not have permanent residence or a valid temporary resident permit.

Global Studies in Culture and Power Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: How often did you experience discrimination injustice because of your national belonging?

Language and Conflict in Romania and Slovakia.

On the other hand, Hungarian cultural nation consciousness is a group category weighing less than civic membership in the majority state for the great majority of our respondents, while the number of those for whom feeling towards citizenship is negative or indifferent is significant, although to a different degree in every state.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Similarly, we analysed whether they perceived any differences between their minority community and the majority national community from their respective countries as far as human characteristics are concerned. The minority policy of these countries became more tolerant, several linguistic and cultural rights were incorporated in new con- stitutions adopted at 88-108 beginning of the s. Frequency allocation or spectrum lloi or spectrum management is the allocation and regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum into radio frequency bandswhich is normally done by governments in most countries.

The smallest, nonsignificant difference may be found in Transylvania where the average related to Hungarians from Hungary is 2.

In a social psycho- logical sense, however, Hungarian minority community members from Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine behave as separate in-groups see the primarily group identifications with regional categories, stereotypes and the delimitation of group boundaries and social distances towards Hungarians from Hungary and towards majority populations.

There is no significant association between the answers of nationhood and the educational level, in any of the communities. Global Studies in Culture and Power 89 Nation, minority and 88-018 We used bivariate analysis from a comparative perspective throughout our entire analysis in order to reveal the structure of the ethno-national identity of the four Hungarian minority communities and their association with other socio- demographic variables, using 8-8108 and t-tests.

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Focusing on ethno-national minority identity, Brubaker separates three main characteristics of national minorities: The essay concludes with a reflection on the social consequences of the implementation of the right to housing, and on what failures in its implementation reveal regarding the state of social protections offered by the post-welfare society.

This essay first examines legislation regarding the right to housing and explores the origins of the right to housing. There are significant differences according to age, with the exception of Slovakia. Ethnocultural nation formation is mainly characteristic of Central and Eastern Europe. Keywords Right to housing; Housing–Law and legislation; France.

We also tested this identity profile with the direct question: However, the campaign and the results produced great consternation among Hungarians living outside the borders of Hungary, who perceived it very negatively as a rejection of them from the symbolic national unity.


It is also possible, according to Csepeli30for a person to be under the effect of two national categories if there is a dimensional difference between them.

In case of Hungarians from Romania, as an exception, the proportion of those who consider that Romanians have different characteristics than the Transylvanian Hungarians is similar The above statements can be highlighted by the fact that significant differ- ences may be observed in the identity of each Hungarian minority community towards the majority nation, which may also be interpreted in the sense that they have become integrated into the majority nation at different levels from the point of view of a citizenship community, and the Hungarian community that identifies most with host country shows at the same time the clearest elements of a strong Hungarian ethnocultural identification.

English Abstract 88-1108 goal of this essay is to examine the implementation of housing rights in France. While French law may impose obligations to shelter people in distress, the 88-1108 of housing and shelter space is not sufficient to meet the needs in this area.

Romanian nation for them means political, civic national belonging, in sense of community of Romanian citizens. Veres To map the percentage of this population, we have analysed whether — in their opinion — there are symbols, historical and cultural personalities embodying Hungarians, the Hungarian nationhood for them.

Frequency allocation

To improve harmonisation in spectrum utilisation, most service allocations are incorporated in national Tables of Frequency Allocations and Utilisations within the responsibility of the appropriate national administration.

Global Studies in 88-08 and Power 95 years older on average than their counterparts with a regional attribute. The horrible fire at a furnished Parisian hotel in which 24 people— mostly immigrants—died in April demonstrated that the emergency housing system has its limits.