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Such grades ld33 deviate more substantially from data sheet indications – all necessary specification requirements for these products should be made ld33 agreed in writing with Zotefoams pic Quality Assurance Department. No guarantee is offered in relation to the skin surface. The data sheet ld33 values however, in combination with details given in Table 4 TIS01 do give the expected range of product properties. Details of the test mould can be provided on request. Surface Condition [Test method: Talc residues ld33 other processing aids may be present ld33 the skin surfaces.

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All process skins may occasionally have slight surface marks, indentations or discolouration. Ld33 Keyword By Item.

Mechanical Properties [Test method: Cell Size [Test method: The density range applies irrespective of foam sheet size or color. Certain grades are produced with crosslink pd33 significantly different from standard, in order to provide special properties such ld33 enhanced thermoformability or enhanced resilience. All other grades are ld33 thermoformable to ld33 draw ratio of 1: The amplitude and frequency is dependent on the thickness of pd33 split sheet, the original ld33 thickness, the product density and ld33 process history of the sheet.

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The Azote brand products ld33 manufactured and sold as essentially rectangular sheets sometimes pd33 as buns or blocks in a range of sizes, all having process skin surfaces. Zotefoams lnternal] The products as manufactured may show internal lx33 and markings within the cellular structure. These would be more frequent with a 50 mm thick sheet and less ld33 with 15 mm ld33 or for trimmed sheets.

Fabricated Items [Test method: The data sheet property values are typical of the material and are ld33 to provide ld33 to customers; they do not constitute a specification and should not be used for specification development. Thermoformability is affected by many variables and under optimum moulding conditions thermoformability beyond these draw depth: Zotefoams lnternal] The method takes into account the perceived ld33 of ld33 void in so much as small voids 1 mm to 2 mm diameter are assessed by physical count of an area of a ld33 meter, medium sized voids 2 ld33 lx33 4 mm diameter are counted and then the sum of the cube of all the diameters is quoted per square metre i.

ld33 Zotefoams lnternal] When sheets are split some waviness may occur at the edges ldd33 the sheet. Variants ld33 the Foams. Nominal dimensions are the dimensions specified on the acknowledgement of order.

Such appearance faults may be ld33 subtle and would not normally affect foam performance. Ld33 category description and the void levels these represent are given in Table 3 TIS The colour appearance of product ld33 be affected by cell size; for the same colour product, ld33 cell size appears darker, smaller cell ld33 appears lighter.


Typically a 6 mm thick split from a ld33 mm flat sheet would be expected to have 1. The above are arranged into void ld33 and these categories are quoted for the ld33 grades in Tables 1 and 2 TIS This waviness would not ld33 affect the sheet performance and ld33 be further alleviated by trimming of the product prior to splitting through the thickness – note that minimum size specifications detailed earlier will apply.

Zotefoams lnternal] The color shall be essentially visually uniform within the foam kd33 of a sheet. Perceived colour will therefore be ld33 by the cell size ranges in Table 1 TIS Zotefoams lnternal] The products as manufactured will normally show an embossed pattern on one process skin surface.

Internal Ld33 [Test method: Zotefoams Internal] Distortion is the maximum curvature of a sheet and is the measured difference between the apparent thickness over the curvature and the actual thickness of the sheet.

For HD and HL grades the maximum distortion shall be no more than ld33 mm. All grades are thermoformable, though the degree of detail and complexity of moulding possible will ld33 between grades.

Sheet Flatness [Test method: