Why need to be publication Oneness: The Destination You Never Left By John Greven Book is among the easy sources to look for. By getting the author as well . Oneness. The Destination You Never Left. John Greven non-duality press Cover design John Gustard: [email protected] Space Like Awareness (By John Greven) John Greven is an advaita/non- duality author who wrote ‘Oneness, the destination you never left’.

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The source knows itself as timeless- without beginning and without end. Yet — it all goes on.

There is no sensation of the brain sending a signal to blink the eye, no grevn of the brain storing or retrieving information from memory, or even translating these words. The body is hungry and eating happens.

Oneness: The Destination You Never Left

The mind appears to be active — in the head- while the brain appears to be silent. Linda McKenzie rated it really liked it Oct 21, Traditional Vs Neo is representative of the disease of the mind. He guides you through the obvious and points to that which you are.

It is pointing to something so simple, something so obvious, that when it is pointed out and seen, you wonder how it was ever missed. He points out that you are the ever present awareness that everything appears in.

It is a simple question, but the answer is profound. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Just as a drop of water moves around in the river without an independent nature, so thoughts arise and subside without anyone choosing or controlling the activity. Jacek Fiszer rated it liked it Dec 06, Perhaps the two different labels of brain and mind appear to mean rgeven different, but are, in actuality, referring to the same thing.


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This knowing is absolute. Books grevwn John Greven. The One does not exist without what you are and you are not without the One. Hehehehe Hehehehe any review is pointless. The concept that there is nothing you can do to bring the search to an end is true. Nothing moves, while everything is vibrant and seemingly alive.

The One knows itself as the only reality.

Book Review – Oneness: The Destination You Never Left by John Greven

The brain is a conditioned organ. Therefore, the idea of a mind receives oneess attention — contact is possible with thoughts and feelings and they hreven the focus.

Aug 04, Varun K rated it it was amazing. The clouds are not real against the reality of the One. It is a peace so profound that nothing can disrupt it – just as nothing can touch space, nothing can touch this all-prevailing peace. Are you the body? Oct 30, Rob Hermanowski rated it liked it Shelves: John, I thing you are the true gift to all seekers ojeness there, the gift that lies in the profound simplicity of conveying The most ultimate message of nonduality: When we begin to investigate the mind traditional Advaitait is not difficult to see that the thought of something, which has been taken to be real, is never the actual thing.


Book Review – Oneness: The Destination You Never Left by John Greven – Truth Is All There Is

Michel Ghorra rated it really liked it Oct 12, It is a Love that is complete and present in a source that is timeless. Truth In Presentation What follows are just concepts and ideas to rattle around in the brain. Rodney Burge rated it it was amazing Jun 20, In thinking about the mind, there is often a sense that the mind and brain are two different things.

You may have been searching for self realization, enlightenment, the Buddha Mind, God, or some other goal implying the same thing. The thought of “me” is not the actual beingness. There is absolute certainty in the existence of the One.

But, the thought arises, if your true nature is always present – what difference do the clouds make? It is nothing but a machine.

Sonia rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Jim King rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Thx to you, John, I put all oneenss seeking away! Even that is something. Are you the thinker?