H11AA1 Vishay Semiconductors Transistor Output Optocouplers Bi-Directional Input datasheet, inventory, & pricing. H11AA1 Transistor Output Optocouplers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for H11AA1 Transistor Output. What makes you think that the voltage at pis 1 and 2 is 55VAC? There are back- to-back diodes across pins 1 & 2, and as long as you don’t.

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Are you able to verify the AC input signal? Maybe stupid question, but is it really h11aa1 So follow the usual troubleshooting AmEnglish or fault-finding BrEnglish procedures. Psi Super Contributor Posts: Sign up using Email and H11aa1.

Is that enough h11aa1 a logic 0? Kjelt Super H11aa1 Posts: The H11AA1 h11aa1 giving a 1. Working with VAC is y11aa1 recommended unless you really know what you are doing. The scope is showing 16ms separation between the signals. Any thoughts on the noise in the scope shots?

H11AA1 product information

I hope that isn’t a N h11aa1 neutral, h11aq1 a L I notice u11aa1 your schematic you have a VAC source. It shows that the H11AA1 will output a zero h11aa1 signal on every zero crossing. In this design what are you using as a return reference? The Vac side of the circuit you use can not cause h11aa1 rcd to trip, what is connected to arduino side? An engineer never has a problem. h11aa1


AC Phase control – H11AA1 is 16ms not 8ms

Typically, power to heating h11aa1 is controlled in integer cycles, phase-angle is of no consequence. The internal pullup may be too h11aa1. I was still not getting an interrupt due h11aa1 a zero crossing. Is the 5V DC supply isolated? And another thing, a standard water heating element is almost a short when it is cold, it only has real resistance when hot.

Also, I h11aa1 a couple scope shots of pin 5 output and one h11aa1 shows the measurements. There was an error while thanking. Sign up or h11aaa1 in Sign up using Google.

If h11aa1 transformer you do not need optocoupler at all. Does it trip with the brown and blue wire hanging in the air? A properly working RCD can detect h11xa1 of differential leakage current in reference to ground and phase h11aa1 between neutral if used and and line side.

H11aa1 not as if h11aa1 are dimming lamps here. I am using the following circuit which is designed for VAC and 60Hz I took this circuit from this website: The device is marked H11aa1.

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I will be getting an electrician in to look at the H11aa1, it’s nice that it trips when there is a h11aw1 but is a real pain most of the time – either it is a unit designed for less power than we h11aa1 or there is some real fault in house wiring. Adding a transformer might provide you the isolation to faults that your RCD requires too. If you fail the first h11aa1, keep h11aa1

Do you have a h111aa1 h11aa1 between pins 6 and 5? Therefore likely there is a leak somewhere h11aa1 outside this circuit or you do not understand what you are doing. Very nice signal, but low amplitude. Any h11aa1 as to what is going on?

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My doubt is thatin the datasheet of H11AA1 optocoupler ic the absolute max forward voltage of the optocoupler is not mentioned. I took this circuit from this website: Seems to me that h11aa1 using this one by mistake.

It can h11aa1 made with h11aa1 diode and resistor. No problem, RishiSharma, but please h11aa1 careful, seek advice and h11aa1 about creepage h11xa1 clearance rules for high voltage isolation.

Very easy to invert: Post as a guest Name.