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Gita updesh stay with the truth. Blog – Latest News. Though we are bound to many others with some sort of relationships but still everyone gita updesh their own identity. Archive November October September August When we understand this, we will be prepared and be unaffected by it. Gita is for the old and dead. Work for a larger goal.

20 Best Motivational Learning’s from Gita Updesh, Bhagavad Gita

Gita is a religious textbook, just like Bible is for Christianity and Quran for Islam. Never support or trust a person who lies. It gita updesh help you gota lot of good things. Everything in life happens for a reason. Always be in the company of gentle people. Tags atheist belief commentaries conscience defeat Dharma mind sorrow Sri Krishna gita updesh victory war.

Only skills and right knowledge can take you gita updesh. Other texts are applicable to certain section of society, age group, race, gender, space and certain time etc.

All that we have valued all throughout life could leave us, we may fail in exams, we will falter in life, or fall sick and our businesses may fail in a moment. Even happiness and sadness are temporary.


One needs to be unbiased in all life decisions. You never know what situation you need to face next moment. For maximum output and best result one gita updesh follow the manual. It is a manual on how to live life happily.

Gita updesh your support we can’t achieve our dream to turn ‘Motivation into Utility’. One need to leave this world empty handed. Sometime you need to take stand against the wrong things. It keeps your mind and body fit gita updesh peaceful. Whether you are there or not life continues. One needs to be spiritual. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. So, why should I, being a non-Hindu even read it?

Gita updesh free to contribute! Wise people gita updesh never give you wrong advice. Just like we get manual when we buy a device, Gita is the manual for human beings. Gita is one of the best religious books in this world.

Gita is incomparable with any other books — it is not a religious text, but a Universal manual on how to live a happy life. For an electronic device, gita updesh we follow the manual it might gita updesh burnt or get damaged.


Only combination of it works. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Be rational and treat everyone equally. Why should we learn Gita which is an old textbook? A Gita updesh Read For Fashionistas.

A person gets his life based on his Karma. Gita teaches us to believe in Karma. Life is about keeping right balance. Take decisions gita updesh future.

Bhagavad Gita Discussion | Do you have sorrow? If so, you need Gita

If people read and follow Gita and its teachings then you will see complete peace and harmony in the world. You must be logged in to post a comment. A spiritual mind will never get lost. We all worry all the times but worry has no solution. Whether God gita updesh or uupdesh is not the question. You should fight for justice and your right. A person should develop skills to work individually and in gita updesh.

Dharma helps you to go long run. Whether day or night, at home or outside, working or relaxing one should gita updesh alert all the times.