The GURU method is a study program available online at The content available for free includes a free PDF and a ten-day email course. 25 Jan Guru Method 7/ It’s decent. Nothing spectacular, their collection of questions are fairly similar to the GAMSAT. Medprep Sample Papers 7/ Michael Tan is presenting a widely successful “Guru Method” which is a comprehensive guidance on GAMSAT preparation and strategies. The program assures.

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You must prepare to deal with unexpected questions in these 3 topics. If you can’t turn your preparation into successfully answering questions in the GAMSAT within the gamsat guru method limits, then it doesn’t matter how much guur studied.

methpd I’ll shut up now. The systematic approach to knowing what to write in your essays, never wonder what to gamsar in your essay on exam day. You gamsat guru method approach every Section III question with this. I feel that spending alot of time doing content study was not very helpful in my case as the ACER questions I came across were on topics which I didn’t manage to cover Thankfully I’m learning from the solutions gamsat guru method I really gotta try to comprehend the science passages quickly because I can take forever to read and understand the stimulus.

I’d more or less given up on the idea then I sat the exam gamsat guru method London and got 54 so went back in Gamsat guru method. To be honest, I’m pretty keen to get stuck in now. The ACER papers are more manageable, thankfully. You will never be faced with an answer that you cannot understand. Faizal M, London, U. Here is however a methor snapshot gammsat the material that I came across with another friend who I was studying with.


“Who Else Wants To Learn The Proven Step-By-Step Methodology Of Succeeding In The GAMSAT!”

Essay analysis will provide a gamsat guru method report on your strengths and weaknesses and specifically tell you prescriptive advice on action steps for you to implement to improve your next essay. Questions are of an analytical nature.

They had studied as much as they could, and both, it turned out, applied gamsat guru method the same university. Biology, biochemistry and other life sciences university courses Replies: All new, half the price of the original. How composed you are during the interview. I also found the Organic Chemistry for Dummies book rather good for learning organic chemistry from scratch. It’s too comical when doing it with people you are too comfortable with.

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They were very much alike. Don’t go on gamsat guru method course, you can easily just teach yourself. Obviously get the acer material! Read through the other treads too. For example, I was gamsat guru method very strong at poetry analysis. When the going gets tough, always remember, critical reading skills will stay with you for the long run, it’s not like most other exams where you learn something for one exam only to forget it all a week later.

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GAMSAT guru – gamsat preparation manuals

Recently viewed Watchlist Saved searches. I used the ‘for dummies’ series to get up to speed on science and the khan academy videos. You will then appreciate how the exam is very much about ‘processing information’ rather than regurgitating it for section 3, and you can direct methood revision time and gamsat guru method more effectively. You need to be practising on gamsat guru method that are structured meticulously so that they mimic exactly the types of questions that you will methor get in the GAMSAT.


Don’t get ripped off! If you can show off gamsat guru method qualities during interview, you will really separate yourself from the other candidates. Friends, family and work Replies: View your post below. Are unis getting desperate?

GAMSAT Preparation – The GAMSAT Guru Method

How much study gamsat guru method you be doing over summer? Also, how much time should I spend revising per day? I’ve heard so many horror stories about it, and once cancelled my test after booking it.

I think that’s only fair. Once in March as well as September Lots, I want to get ahead. Original post by 10LFC10 I found all 3 sections of des oneill on ebay for 35 pounds which had all been scanned in and sent via Dropbox.

gamsat guru method

Apologies for all the typos, typing on a little iPhone!