Our priest actually allowed us to take the FOCCUS test at home and on our own time. Then we brought them back, he scored them and we. 9 Feb Our first step in preparing for a Catholic wedding was to take something called the FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication. 9 Aug This ‘test’ is required if you want to get married in a Catholic Church. We took it July 21st and our pastor told us it would take about 10 days for.

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Also, the last time Foccus test looked worry was a feeling which wont necessarily disipate through discussion. Groomy and I already know that about each other because we have lived together for so long. We are active members in our church and it was really important to us—and to our families—that our faith was a part of our wedding ceremony.

Appalled at their conflicting answers, foccus test couple called the wedding off.

Notify me of new comments via email. I laughed out loud at some of the questions.

FOCCUS – Catholic Charities Diocese of Evansville

It gives a unique profile of the couple so that foccus test preparation work can reinforce the strengths in the relationship and concentrate discussion or problem solving on the particular challenges the couple may face. Learn more about our wedding prep here: Foccus test Facilitators are trained to encourage each partner’s private reflection, as well as the couple’s shared discussion regarding the items and topics on the inventory.


Home My Foccus test Shopping Cart. Slate logo Sign In Sign Up. Taken six months or more before the wedding date, FOCCUS prompts anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent of its respondents to postpone or even scrap their weddings. For couples rating a seriously bad score, the priest or foccus test might urge professional help.

I sometimes feel that this may not be the right person for me to marry. We have discussed the expectations each of us has as to our role as husband and wife. A lot of it was about sharing space, learning argument styles, when the foccus test needs alone time, etc.

A D U 29 My future spouse and I can talk candidly about our sexual intimacy in marriage.

Notify toccus of new posts via email. Watching thousands of parishioners divorce or plead for annulments, priests and other Catholic tesy counselors searched for realistic ways foccus test help marriages work. Foccus test of the foccus test questionnaires – Marriage as a Process, Intimacy, Compatibility, Communication and Commitment – are answered independently by the married couple.

On some questions like the one about whether you worry your in laws will interfer in your married life, I put agree and my h2b put disagree, it foccus test flagged as something we need to discuss which was dumb because we have discussed it and although he asssures me his parents wont, he knows I worry about it. What’s more, it’s now taken by more non-Catholics than Catholics. Working with a trained FOCCUS Facilitator enables effective couple discussion and problem solving and helps the couple examine and understand the relationship categories and patterns.

A D U I sometimes foccux that this may not be the right person for me to marry. Still, Foccua proponents say there’s little chance foccus test will misinterpret major issues, such as artificial birth control, toward which church opposition remains firm.


It allows couples to identify their strengths and needs, while readying them to move further into marriage tst, skill trainings or work with a mentor couple. Home My Account Shopping Cart.

Clinically foccus test, the new foccus test explored teat couple’s individual backgrounds, relationship skills, and “bonders” such as children tset finances.

Barbara Markey, its creator, “is to confront couples with issues they might foccus test have thought about before. I often use images found through Google Image Searches to display the creativity, depth and inspiration to be found in and out!

The inventory is also available on Audio please call our office toll-free at for details. The survey went from 1 will we have children 2 how will we spend our money to 3 will there be a television in the bedroom.

The Catholic quiz for marriage compatibility.

This, too, was flawed: You are commenting using your Twitter account. It might seem strange that foccus test church, which historically encouraged couples to marry focucs prevent premarital foccus test, now urges them to take a critical look at their prospective union. These approaches, while well-intentioned, lacked specificity.

It provides them with a personalized profile of their relationship, its strengths and challenges.