The latest updates and corrections to this manual, referred to the latest release of the Endian UTM Appliance, Endian Firewall , View reference manual Endian Knowledge Base · Endian Configuration Guides · Endian Video Tutorials. Endian Firewall is an Open Source Unified Threat Management (UTM) ap- . Each uplink can be operated in either managed mode (default) or manual mode. Endian Firewall. We will then configure the Endian Firewall to allow VPN connections to this network . Follow the instructions below. Use 40 GB to 60 GB for.

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In the former case, however, it proves necessary to restart the service just modified, and perhaps also a few other related or dependant services, for the new settings to be reloaded and used in the running configuration.

The vast majority of the pages, however, shows a table endiian various information about the current configured settings, allowing to modify or delete existing items endian firewall configuration guide settings and to add new ones. Actions and icons These icons are placed in the Actions endian firewall configuration guide on the right of the various tables that appear on the pages and usually show a list of the items defined, like e.

Hint Tips about configuration of options.

Switches Switches are used to entirely enable or disable a service and are present on the top of the main area. Some action is only available on some type of lists: Warning Changing this value will cause the service to configuratjon The version in which the feature first endian firewall configuration guide and short description.

The four main zones are identified by a color and may group together a number of servers of workstation that have a same purpose. A sample screenshot of the Service gyide can be seen below. This causes all the endian firewall configuration guide to be stopped, the switch to turn grey, and the settings to disappear.

The main navigation bar and the sub menu now remain steady on the top and of the left-hand side of the window, respectively, when scrolling down a long page. Hint The baud rate is in older appliances that have not yet upgraded to the 3. Since the functionalities and abilities may differ between the various Endian UTM Endian firewall configuration guide, the description of some of endian firewall configuration guide displayed data or configuration options may slightly vary for some appliance or not being present at all.


Endain tabs, often the configuration options are packed in one or more boxes, that gather together settings that refer to a common part of the overall configuration. Upon clicking on it, the service and the daemons that are necessary for its proper functioning are started and initialised. These icons are found in those services that require some form of access policies or traffic control, like, e.

It is edian the only zone that by default can access the management interface.

Getting Started — Endian UTM Reference Manual

New in version 2. In the latter case, no further action endian firewall configuration guide required, since the configuration did actually not change. Also, quick how-tos or examples may appear in it. When you change page, the information are updated.

This is only found on the heading endian firewall configuration guide a list of policies, to give at a glance the idea that some of the policies in the list are accepted and some are rejected, like e. Feature that was present in previous releases, but that changed in the 2. This policy is only available in firewall rules.

This manual has been written for the 3. Endian firewall configuration guide, if an attacker manages to break into one of the servers, she will be trapped within the DMZ and will not be able reach the GREEN zone, making impossible for her to gain sensitive information from local machines in the GREEN endian firewall configuration guide. There endian firewall configuration guide two configurtion of actions that can be performed within the GUI: This is a network starting at the address The Hotspot Administration Interface indeed, has many functionalities, configuration options, and menus, therefore the choice was to create a dedicated menubar.

Changed in version 3. The remainder of this section contains some basic information about this confuguration and how to move your first steps within the Endian UTM Appliance, introducing some important concepts and describing the most significant parts of GUI. Note that when referring to items under the Hotspot Administration Interface, endoan initial Menubar is usually omitted.


These icons are placed in the Actions column on tuide right of the various tables that appear on the pages and usually show a list of the items defined, like e. Besides for emphasis, italics is used to denote non-interactive objects or labels within the web GUIwhile a dashed-underlined word s indicates objects that require user interaction, i.

Whenever a Multiselect box is used e. The header, the main menubar, the sub-menu, the main area, and the footer. After entering the password, the Dashboard of the Endian UTM Appliance GUI is displayed, and it is possible to immediately start exploring the information available on this interface or further browse and configure the appliance. In case the network is not configured properly, the serial console may represent the endian firewall configuration guide way to access the Endian UTM Appliance.

The interface style has been improved and fonts are now easier to read. To disable the service, click again on the switch: After that, a callout may notify you to restart service, if this is needed, to let the daemons reload the configuration and activate the endian firewall configuration guide. Many icons are used throughout the pages served by the Endian firewall configuration guide UTM Appliance to denote either an action that can be quickly carried out, or convey some meaning to the settings shown.

The gray switch suggests that the service is disabled and inactive, with the main area showing no settings or configuration options. The footer is placed at the very bottom of the page.

Wireless networks are often not secure, so the idea is to trap by default all the wireless connected clients into their own zone without access to any other zone except RED. The header of the page endian firewall configuration guide the Endian logo on the left, while on the right-hand side there is an image showing the type of Endian UTM Appliance, above which two endian firewall configuration guide appear: You can change the status by clicking on the icon.