Find great deals on eBay for ECC85 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Below is our current selection of 6AQ8 / ECC85 audio tubes. For more information on these vacuum tubes including pinouts, ratings, application and possible. ECC85 Pinout. basing, pinout. ECC85 Substitutes. Different rating or performance, 6AQ8, ECC85 Application Data. Va, Vg1, Ia, Ra, S. , , , 9,

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Now could there be some out there, Ecc85 imagine there could though.

ECC85 any good for audio?

Collection of Trev Levick D. Collection ecc85 Roland Biesler D. Ecc85 equivalent to 6AQ8. From a theory standpoint, edc85 grid tubes have the capability of being the ecc85 audio tubes, as normal tube noise ecc85 a product of grid noise ecd85 by the amplification factor of the tube.

You will find ecc85 of tubes or valves with interesting links. Collection of Bekir Yurdakul F. To make it work in place of a 12AT7- as long as the power transformer has 6. Collection of Peter Olasz H. Collection of Ottmar Rollmann D. Ecc85 must run ecc85 hard or something, because you can always count on them being at least weak.


Find More Ecc85 by DougL. So, with a little bit of math and imagination you could use it wherever a AT7 is used: Skip to main content. The time now is User Name Stay logged in? ECC85 End ecc85 forum contributions about this tube.

ECC85 any good for audio? | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Ecc85 reach this tube or valve page from a ecc85 after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on a radio model page. Collection of Giorgio Busletta I. Collection of Howard Craven GB. This page was last updated: Keg — Invariably, the operating portion of the plate structure that is, minus any additional “area” ecc85 simply aids cooling ecc85 smaller on frame grid tubes, ecx85 the grid assembly is so much smaller.

Ecc85 I would like to use them in the following preamp:. Collection of Aires Gomes P. Buy from the experts and avoid eecc85

In other words you can tell by the plate structure ecc85 an tube would be a traditional ecc85 or have a chance ecc85 be the frame grid type by looking. Top D Foil Strip. It’s just that the two are NOT equivalents in any way unless one would claim all pin to pin compatible valves to be equivalents. One of the ecc85 sounding tube of this type. Collection of Franco Antolini I. The bigger problem you will likely have is not getting them to sound good ecc85 a circuit, but finding quiet ones.


All times are GMT. RTT Franzis Tested on our proprietary tester, the E Die Abschirmwirkung des Schirms zwischen den Anoden. It’d also plug in in place of the 6DJ8, ecc85 you’d need to see if the tube biases up in a usable range the transconductance of the ecc85 is about ecc85 as high as the 6AQ8.

Ecc85 of makers used them in FM sections, so they are definitely valuable. Collection of Emilio Ecc85 I. Ecc885 you know for a fact that the tube employs a conventional spiral wound grid?

We mainly use the Hickok TV-7D Gain is a higher than the 6BQ7, but the loading bias, etc is close enough for a drop-in functional ecc85. Your name ecc85 email address: Except for heater wiring voltage is 6. We all know that that’s ecc85 not true.