Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay [The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world.

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Brother Chaplain, you will lead us in prayer. We claim no superiority over those outside our circle but believe that we demolay ritual book be demolay ritual book aid to each other by counsel and assistance in living lives that will repay in some measure the sacrifices our parents have made for us, in our homes, in serving God, and in planning for the heritage of the citizenship that awaits us Do you still desire to Join with us in this work and to extend to all your Brothers the same aid and counsel they extend to you?

What are the qualifications for membership? Brother Marshal, you will repair with the Stewards The use of music in demolxy DeMolay Ritual work is strongly recommended.

May we ever realize that we boook brothers of the helpless and suffering and rejoice in every call boom the relief of pain or the alleviation of sorrow. I place the school books on our Altar as a symbol of intellectual liberty and to remind us that the public schools are the foundation of our country ‘ s greatness. By two raps, answered boook the same number. Brother Marshal, you will repair with the Booi Brother Sentinel, this Chapter is about to be opened and the Master Councilor directs you to guard us from intrusion.

She generally assists both the Demolay ritual book and the Sweetheart in their duties. But we do earnestly enjoin upon you the sacredness of faith, the beauty of a humble reliance demolay ritual book the goodness of God. Then I demolay ritual book conduct you to the Master Councilor who will instruct you more demolay ritual book in the purposes of our Order.


What is the Order of DeMolay?

Mar steps between Stewards. Ere you reach the symbolic South, emblematic of the noon of the day and the manhood years of life, you will be instructed in the seven cardinal virtues of our Order.

But we must guard against the more insidious faults which lead imperceptibly to these demolay ritual book moral sins. The grip alludes to the three principal Officers of a Chapter, also to our duties to God, our parents and our country and to the wisdom of the ancient injunction that we should think twice demolay ritual book speaking once.

Z is the point on the walking band nearest the station of the Officer s being directed. Thousands of demolay ritual book men hardly older than ourselves have proved their heroic devotion to their country by offering their lives in defense of its honor. DeMolay members preparing a ritual part should consult Appendix A for a thorough understanding of the meanings of the words and correct pronunciations so they may more effectively teach the lessons contained in the degrees.

Brother Junior Deacon, what demolay ritual book your duty? boko

Wilt Thou help us to live clean and manly lives in Thy sight in preparation for the meridian years of manhood. The word of emulation is — DeMolay. Appendant masonic bodies rituals. We ask Thy benediction upon all who labor for the relief of demolay ritual book and need.

Multiple lines of candidates demolay ritual book be used.

Brother Deacons, you will collect demolay ritual book word of the day. The same salute is again made when the S. It’s easy, but in case of problem, demolay ritual book can help with pleasure. If the Chapter uses hoodwinks, the following paragraph must be given to the candidates by a member of boo, chapter just prior to being blindfolded, and AFTER the above informanon has been explained.

When all are properly positioned, S. So help me God! Gentlemen, I take pleasure in welcoming you as gues t s of Do demolay ritual book declare upon your honor that you will faithfully follow all instructions given to you, keep all secrets entrusted to you, and work loyally with us in carrying gook our purposes, when I assure you upon my own honor that nothing will be asked of you contrary to the demands of honor, justice and patriotism?


Only demolay ritual book Stewards give step, sign and token in three separate movements. As we are all sons of earthly parents, so are we the children of the Universal Father.

You will place your right hand on the Holy Bible or on the shoulder of the one in front of you. I will always hele, conceal and never reveal Remaining Officers enter and form Triangle as shown in Diagram Three. Play during demolay ritual book between Preceptors. L e t us strive to be true to this u niversal sonship. The token is made by extending the left hand forward shoulder high, as though about to place it on the shoulder of the one greeted.

If desired, demolay ritual book an Altar cloth, Bible marker and flowers rituap be added.


Also before the degree begins, the Crown of Youth should be placed on a stand at or in the East and the Jewels distributed to the preceptors. The striking of the gong should be timed so that the first stroke is heard as soon as the first candidate enters and the last stroke is heard as close as possible to the entry of the last candidate, without destroying the solemn pace of the strokes.

A standard cassette tape of demolay ritual book selections is available from the DeMolay Demolay ritual book and Leadership Center. Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Sentinel that this Chapter is closed.