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This digest presents a PWM three-phase rectifier with digital signal processor DSP control, which aims the reduction of reactive power and harmonics at the AC side, and the regulation of the DC side voltage.

The DC side PI controller is designed based on the linearized model of the converter. The performance of the apostlia system is verified by numerical simulation and experimental results, validating the proposed model and control strategy.

Apostila com 8 aulas completas

VSC, where the converter is modeled as three, wye connected ideal voltage sources. For three-phase, higher power applications, requiring bi-directional power flow, a threephase, full bridge, self-commutated converter operating in pulse width modulation PWM mode is a convenient choice [7].


Some authors apostila de eletronica de potenciadevelops the deadbeat approach for the second order plants LC filterand takes into account the instantaneous variation of the converter output voltage during a switching cycle.

The design of the DC control loop is carried out by linearizing the converter model and applying a PI controller plus a pre-filter strategy to accomplish the desired transient performance. As the voltage between points G1 and G3 is zero, G1 and G3 can be connected apostila de eletronica de potencia modeling purposes Fig.

Eletronica Potencia – Eletronica_Potencia

Apostila de eletronica de potencia results in eq. Effect of parameter mismatch is also discussed. Eletronica de potencia Eletronica de potencia. Eletronica Potencia cristian row Enviado por: Typical applications include rectifiers for AC drives, telecommunication equipments, etc. Abstract —A full digital control of a voltage source converter VSC rectifier is presented.

Eletrotécnica – Eletrônica de Potência | PDF to Flipbook

In this case, the converter output is considered constant and equal to its local average during the sample interval. Eldtronica previous knowledge of discrete control theory is required.


The growing use of non-linear loads in the electric power system e. Many authors, including ref.

Eletronica Potencia

The AC current control, based on the deadbeat strategy is presented in a simple and intuitive way. Sinusoidal signal, synchronized with the mains voltage are obtained by a simple and efficient PLL based on [2].

Incrivelmente aposhila do primeiro ao Terminal G2, not present in the real converter, is used here in order to simplify the equivalent circuit modeling. The performance of the control algorithms apostila de eletronica de potencia verified by simulations using MatLab and by an experimental setup using a low power converter.

The sum of the three.

This paper applies the deadbeat strategy to the first order plant L filterand uses an intuitive and simple approach to obtain the controller equation. The control algorithms were implemented by using a dedicated DSP digital signal processor specially designed for power electronic applications.