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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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The four average temperatures for the period to are below: Assuming that acu same relationship holds for calves and noting from Table 37 that the peak ingested daily amount for calf 42, whose thyroid weighs 4 During the irrigation 0. V 2 and 5 Berkeley No.

At that time winds are generally from the north drainage winds at about mph with an inversion layer close to the ground. The whole assembly was designed so that positioning could be accomplished 315-088 a minimum of effort see Plate 6.

For the period to inversion data from both ESSA and USPHS are plotted; the curves show the same basic “shape” but differ in magnitude and time correspondence. Since only the smallest size ac was affected, it was felt that the results from the group 2 photographs could be used for further determinations.

I Dairy Cow Uptake Studies Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

Hgb 11 10 10 10 10 10 11 10 10 10 10 10 09 11 11 10 10 11 11 11 12 HCT 315–08 35 33 33 36 34 38 35 34 35 34 32 30 37 37 34 33 35 39 36 41 1×1 O6 Rbc W.

However, for Group IV cows, in 14 out of 24 comparisons the cow exhibiting the minimum 1 31I in the milk had the smaller milk production. Doses for all calves except calf 54 were predicted by the methods of FRC Report 5 for comparison with our dose estimates. Contaminated old green chop.

We will be able to test this hy- pothesis in the future by comparing relative results obtained with similar experimental configurations during actual nuclear cratering experiments. Both teams took dose rate readings with portable survey instruments and collected air samples with a Gelman sampler. The effect referred to in the last paragraph, I being less avail- able for secretion into milk when it is deposited on green grass, has not been observed in previous studies where the contamination has been from real field sources.


ASTM Standards in This was confirmed in two separate post-Project Hayseed experiments. These animals were placed so as to face the north, 80 feet west of the third riser on the south side of the third lateral at the southwest corner of the Sudan plot Figure 3.

All of these measurements are reported as net above background. The sum of these doses then gives the total dose estimate shown in Table Conclusions The gamma levels in the contaminated area were too low to measure with survey-type instruments. The data from the fallout planchets presented in Figures 14 and 15 show an accounting for 5.

The front stakes row 1 were placed 5 meters from the row of aerosol generators, the middle row row 2 at New slides were used and were cleaned with lens tissue and distilled water just prior to placement on the blocks at about minutes before the generators were turned on. The average milk production for each milking for all cows within the group ranged from 5.

GC Fresh green chop grass. Particle size in microns 60 Russian thistle is an annual.

If one compares the amount of milk produced by the zci having the maximum 1 31I concentration in its milk to the amount of milk produced by the cow having the minimum 1 31I concentration for each milking an interesting qualitative finding emerges. At no time did the scoop come in contact with the cows or other structures other than the grain bin. Graphs of the data during the time of aerosol release are shown in Figures 5 and 6.


For the feeding schedule for this calf see Table Samples were removed from the system immediately after the run and placed in plastic bags. Each crystal has a HV supply and is viewed by four 3″ PM tubes. With the collimator off, the thyroid was centered one inch from the crystal face.

Particle size of pre-Hayseed qci aerosol. The range was fromO.

Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

The crystal was enclosed in a stainless steel, lead lined assembly with a detachable wide mouth focusing colli- mator forward from the crystal. Data for Group III contaminated spread green chop cows. The percent secretion in milk resulting from feeding spread and fresh grass was different from the spread hay as indicated by the 2. Date Pounds fed Oct. As mentioned in a previous section, the bulk density of the diato- maceous earth was determined to be 0. An MSA standard charcoal cartridge for organic vapors was used with the high-volume sampler.

The results from successful studies such as these could be used in the design of a more accurate model for estimating potential dose to humans from radioiodine released to the environment. The manual mode is useful for trouble-shooting and servicing; normally the system operates automatically and periodically gathers data from all of its sensors. Ujo TU2i 5 j lGc9S 6tie mo6rn.

It is recommended that consideration be given in the future to placing plan- chets at different heights in the various sampling areas and that additional air samplers be used to include these areas.

We are currently working on a mathematical model to describe this behavior. The J 3l I activity in the samples was computed on both an activity per area and activity per weight basis. By post Original —’ The blocks were on the side of the stakes facing the aerosol generators.